Cynthia is a traveler and photographer based in Clovis, California. Her academic background in Forestry has greatly influenced her overall aesthetic and artistic perspective. Since January of 2005 Cynthia has been pursuing an eclectic mix of photographic experiences to express her love for travel and the environment. 

In 2010, Cynthia took an early retirement from her successful career with the US Forest Service to focus on travel and her photography. 


I have always mixed art, science, and the environment. I discovered photography on a sixth grade field trip to the Los Angeles Zoo where I unsuccessfully attempted to photograph every animal I saw.

Early in my undergraduate studies, I learned the science of photography by working in the college physics lab. Copying slides, developing film, astrophotography, and infrared photography were a part of my varied early photographic experience – and love. Photography was a beautiful, precise, and accurate expression of the natural world.

Now, I strive to travel far and wide, visually and emotionally. Photography Is a vehicle to take me to new places, new experiences, to  see the world in a new way. Best of all, photography helps me share that moment with others.  

My portfolio includes intimate images, up close and personal. I hope to reach viewers on an emotional level, sharing my love for our environment and our planet. I look to appreciate the small parts of the scene, then extract it from the overall picture and put in a frame of its own.  I'm looking at the smaller details.

Photographers now have such wonderful tools to express our world! My photographic artwork can now resemble classical oil paintings, watercolors, and graphic designs, but they are originaly derived from digital photographs.     

The greatest complement: “ I would have looked right at that rock (stick, spot, person…) and I only saw a rock.  But your photograph shows me just how unique, special and beautiful a rock can be." 



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