Return to the Burn, 2018

Getting Ready for Burning Man 2018

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Under hot desert skies,

I’ll renew our good-byes.

Each sorrow in turn,

In the fire they’ll burn. 


“I’ll live for today.”

“No regrets” I will say. 

You still will be free,


Yet not forget me. 


And remember my dear,

I will always be here. 

In a dream I will dwell, 

In the past very well. 


A year has gone by

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I look back with a sigh; 

with love and with joy,

no longer so coy. 


Life’s all the same,

It is not about pain. 

It is peace that I seek.

“Be strong!” (Hide the weak.) 


So each year I’ll return

To the fire and burn.

And renew my good-byes

Under hot desert skies.